By Stanley Kwabla Arku

In a city already known for its bustling streets and traffic congestion, the dysfunctional traffic lights in Accra have become a major source of frustration for residents and commuters alike. The malfunctioning traffic lights have created a chaotic and dangerous environment on the roads, leading to increased accidents and traffic congestion.

A random check by the Pan African News team through the capital revealed that at least one hundred and twenty-three traffic lights on fourteen major routes in Accra were either not functioning, or had their bulbs hanging on damaged poles.

The traffic lights, originally installed to regulate the flow of vehicles and pedestrians, have become a symbol of inefficiency and neglect. Many of them flicker sporadically, change colours randomly, or simply fail to work at all. This has resulted in confusion among drivers and pedestrians, who are left to navigate the intersections based on their instincts and luck.

At Abofu, a motorist Malik say the traffic lights has been faulty for over three years which has contributed to frequent road crashes on the stretch.

“Our traffic lights here have been like this for over three years, we frequently see car crashes on this stretch.

Authorities must do something swiftly before the worse happens we are pleading for help” he stated.

The busy Kwame Nkrumah Circle intersection in Accra has become a nightmare for both drivers and pedestrians. The malfunctioning lights at this junction change unexpectedly, leading to near-misses and frequent traffic jams.

Commuters and residents have expressed their frustration with the situation. Social media platforms are flooded with complaints about the dysfunctional traffic lights, with many sharing stories of their near-accidents and the challenges they face on a daily basis. Pedestrians, in particular, feel unsafe when crossing the roads, as they are left to navigate through the chaotic traffic without any guidance.

As Accra’s dysfunctional traffic lights continue to plunge the city into chaos, the government’s commitment to resolving the issue offers a glimmer of hope. The residents of Accra eagerly await the implementation of the proposed solutions, hoping for a future where their daily commutes are safer and more efficient.

August 23, 2023

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