Ama Ata Aidoo Must Trend For The Obvious Reasons.

Ama Ata Aidoo

She is one of the most famous foremost African female writers. She has sold Ghana to the world (as much as we would think Osibisa did) from the literary point of view. She’s evident to the fact that art is a commodity that when well invested into can market a nation.

The last time I checked generations have studied her books in school and even now, so. “Dilemma of a Ghost”, “Anowa”, “Changes”…

Is it not so, ironic not to have the “art pundits” make her a topic for discussion? Especially those who were quick to publish stories against her when she stood her grounds to get the right things done?
Or is it because it is book matters?
But wait. Who says the book is not a creative art product? Well…

That our Shakespeare “sleeps” and there’s little the media (especially art departments) is doing as a form of content to celebrate her and as a matter of fact to inspire a new generation to endeavor to follow her golden footsteps is indeed a measure of our nation’s intellect.

Slowly they are going…our golden generation of writers produced by the times of yesteryears are going slowly and as obvious as it is, the system is not being deliberate to unearth new ones.😭

Writing is a department of art. Not not necessarily educational practice.
Writers are thus artists, not necessarily teachers. Support our art, support writing. Support writers.

   …Yet, one fact remains:

Her voice in the words of her stanzas, dialogues & paragraphs speaks of her success story, adored beyond our boundaries.

Rest in power Prof.; Rest in perfection Auntie Ama.

—Nii Okaikoi Okaitei (Oswald)

June 13, 2023

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