Artisans at Arts Centre worried over poor conditions of work

Artisans working and operating at the Arts Centre in Accra have expressed worry over poor working conditions which are affecting the success and sustainability of their business.

Spanning over a period of forty decades since its inception, the sorrowful state and conditions surrounding these artisans leaves much to be desired, one that can best be described as inhumane, and requires an overhaul.

Unhygienic conditions in the area, smoke emanating from the burning of refuse, miscreants, people with mental disorders and children loitering around has had an impact on their lives.

In spite of working assiduously in these demotivating conditions it is an undeniable fact that the heart of the Arts Centre emanates from the work of artisans.

Massa Mensah tells me he has been working at the centre close to twenty years but is yet to recognized and duly acknowledged.

He tells me the inspiration behind his work but also wants Government to invest heavily in his viable business venture.

Story by Umanah Moses.

July 10, 2022

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