By Abena Osegu Boateng

The warning is clear as day light and those who decide to play the ostrich do so at their own peril. They can ignore the signs of danger to impunity but that would not give them any safeguards.
Israel in its usual arrogance assumed that it could drop bombs on the Iranian Consulate in Syria and get away with it because its master, the United States of America would rush to its aid.

The Israeli bombs killed two Iranian generals and five other military personnel and sent the world wondering why a rogue state like Israel would undertake such an adventure.

For some people who have been proven right, Israel took this mis-step as a way of diverting attention from its genocide in Gaza and getting its Western allies behind it again.
This may have worked for now, because since the machoistic display of Iran, the so-called international media has shifted attention from Gaza to a possible Iran-Israel war. The US, Britain, France, Germany and even Jordan have rallied behind the fascist military of Israel.

Come to think of it, Iran had to contend with the air power of six countries when it just showed a very small part of her capacity to deal with enemy provocation.
The entire US and its intelligence machine was on alert for 48 hours and those working in the security services of Israel had no sleep for several days.

France, Britain and Jordan, to an undisclosed extent got involved in saving Israel from its self-inflicted woes by scrambling their aircrafts to shoot down Iranian drones and missiles.
To start with, the Iranians had only called on the International Community to condemn the violation of its territory (Iranian Consulate in Syria) and to insist on adherence to the Geneva Convention and International Law. The US did nothing beyond assuring Israel that it will support it in confrontation with the Islamic Republic. The UN was silent and the Western countries did as expected –follow the US.

It is interesting how, Joe Biden who can barely walk came to the conclusion that he can frighten Iran into not paying back Israel in its own coin. His obviously empty threats rang hollows as he

bellowed “Don’t” in response to a question as to what his government might do in the face of Iranian retaliation.
The display that Iran put on was awe-inspiring. They launched more than 300 drones and cruise missiles towards Israel and in the night sky they looked like twinkle twinkle little stars up above a troubled world.
As these deadly stars speed towards Israel, we all watched with awe-inspiring anticipation. Will the projectiles arrive in Israel and what impact will they make?

The first major signs of worry came when a number of countries in the region closed their airspace and international flights were diverted from the path of these deadly beautiful projectiles. The panic was real and overwhelming.

Interestingly, Iran had already informed the US authorities that they were going to strike and the US had passed on the information to Israel. Well informed sources say that the Iranians sent the alert through their contacts in Switzerland to the US.

Fact is that both Israel and its allies knew when Iran was going to fire the drones and missiles and had enough time to prepare a coordinated response.
In spite of this, ten of the projectiles landed on an Israeli military base and caused significant damage. This as a demonstration of Iranian military capability and a very clear warning to the Zionist entity.
The drones and missiles spoke a few loud words “Don’t be foolish again, we dey here’’.

Perhaps this is the clearest warning that Iran has sent to the Zionist State of Israel which has been occupying Palestinian lands for 75 years.

Over the last seven months, Israel has killed tens of thousands of Palestinians in Gaza with utter impunity. The majority of those killed in Gaza have been women and children.

Israel also actively supported the apartheid regime in South Africa and fought against the National Liberation Movements in Africa and elsewhere and the she has refused to work within the boundaries of international law for decades.

Fortunately for us and unfortunately for them, Iran has stepped forward to say that this nonsense must stop and it did so with a very clear warning post.

April 16, 2024

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