CONTRADICTION By Abena Osegu Boateng

Kojo Bonsu, the former Metropolitan Chief Executive of Kumasi has managed to spin himself into a rather needless contradiction.

In one breadth he says John Dramani Mahama was an excellent president and he has nothing against him and in the very next breadth he is urging the members of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) to change him as the flagbearer of the party.

According to him even though John Mahama was an excellent President, he cannot win the 2024 elections because of the campaign of lies and slander waged against him by the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

When asked why he is not spending his efforts to counter the campaign of lies and slander waged against a leader he claims to admire, Kojo Bonus’s answer is simple and strange. He says it is too late to clean up Mahama because he has been damaged beyond repairs.

Even if we accept the claims of Kojo Bonsu, we must still ask why he thinks that of the 6 million people who supported the Mahama agenda in the 2020 elections, he is the only person who can replace Mahama as the presidential candidate of the NDC? What makes him so special, is it the multi-colored bow ties he wears or what?

The arrogance of Kojo Bonsu is shocking. he has actually looked himself in the mirror and come to the conclusion that he is better than all the members of his party.  He fancys himself well above the Ahwoi brothers, Dr. Kwabena Duffour, General Mosquito, Alex Segbefia, Ekow Spio Gabral, Totobi Quarkyi and many others in their hundreds of thousands. He is actually telling Sly Mensah to go to hell with his ambition to become President because he has finally arrived.

What Kojo Bonsu does not realize is that by his own pronouncements, he is shooting himself not in the foot but in the head. This guy says that John Mahama is so unpopular that he will be rejected by the electorate but at the same he implies that he will be like Mahama.

If Mahama was a good leader by Kojo Bonus’s standards and he wants to be a good leader, then he will be like Mahama. And if he will be like Mahama why would anybody reject Mahama and accept Kojo Bonsu?

At the very best, Kojo Bonsu can only be totally confused. He is simply swimming in a contradiction.

What a pity?

February 7, 2022

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