The military junta in Niger has revoked all military pacts with France. The decision to cut off the Five military agreements is seen by security experts as an attempt to decolonize the country and comes a week after the overthrow of President Mohamed Bazoum who is now in detention. The coup leaders in a communique highlighted the terminated agreements including the legal regime of the intervention of French soldiers in Niger for security in the sahel, the technical agreement relating to the stationing and activities of the French joint detachment on the territory of the Republic of Niger. These agreements had been in effect between 1977 and 2020. France in a sharp response said the revocation of the five agreements will have no significant impact on its military arrangements since it does not recognize the junta.

The Foreign affairs ministry of France in a statement said “France recalls that the legal framework for its defense cooperation with Niger is based on agreements concluded with the legitimate Nigerian authorities. These are the only ones that France, like the rest of the international community recognizes .”
Under bilateral agreements between France and Niger, the French has stationed nearly 1,500 troops in Niger to ward off Islamist terrorism in the Sahel whilst the United States of America has almost 1,100 troops. The revocation of the military agreements will have a significant effect on the neocolonialism agenda of the West, especially on France who relies heavily on uranium from Niger. The junta is however, enjoying massive support from Nigerians who had even demonstrated and damaged portions of the French embassy calling on French authorities to leave the country.

August 8, 2023

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