Emmanuel Annobil (TEA) declares intent to contest for UEW-SRC PRESIDENT.

Emmanuel Annobil otherwise known as TEA, a level 200 Political Science student of the University of Education, Winneba has declared his intent to run for SRC President this year.

His declaration comes after the Electoral Commission of the SRC lifted the first ban on campus politics last weekend. The colourful declaration happened at the Students Centre on Wednesday, 17th August, 2022.

In his declaration, TEA noted that he is not contesting for SRC President simply because it is time for elections, but rather because he believes the SRC at this time needs proactive and collective leadership to build on the foundation laid by successive administrations and do more, something he stands for.

He said, that the SRC after it’s 27 years of existence does not just need a President but an individual who brings Hope, resonates with the reality of the average UEW student and is in touch with the challenges of colleagues.

“As an SRC with the motto “About Your Welfare”, the basis for every step and action taken should be the Welfare of each of our over 40,000 students. This I have championed overtime, and will continue to lead them proactively.” He added.

He further stated, that he will continually have the TEA Conversation and give reasons why students must have their Hopes Alive and support him to lead UEW-SRC for the next academic year. Quoting Habakuk 2:3, he indicated that the journey he knows will be tough, but with God and support from UEW students, he will emerge victorious.

September 2, 2022

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