Frank Asare calls on government to legalize and support tricycle operation

President of Asamankese Tricycle Association, Frank Asare is calling on government to legalize their operations.

According to him the Tricycle business popularly known as “Prygia has come to stay in Ghana, for it has created more jobs for the youth. He further noted that the price of the Tricycle has increased astronomically and pleads with government to see to it that the cost of the tricycle is reduced and legalized to help boost the economy for the better.

Speaking to Pan African News in an interview, President of Asamankese Tricycle Association, Frank Asare touted that they are working diligently with discipline in this tricycle business not only to curb road accidents but to create awareness for the government to legalize and regularize the operation fully, since this business has created much jobs for the youth who are unemployed. He also call on government to help reduce the cost of Tricycles in this country in other to ensure effective productivity to help boost the economy for the better since the “Prygia” Business is a very good job.

Chairman of Asamankese Tricycle Association, Hamidu Adams and the Station Master, Isaac Atta Asare also shared similar concerns.

Nevertheless,Chairman of G.P.R.T.U at Asamankese Branch No.5 Nana Owuredu and the Assembly man of Yayo District in the Asamankese Region, Hon. Moses Timpo shared their views on the said issue


December 1, 2021

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