Ghana’s hospitality industry: Dr. Edward Ackah Nyamikeh Jnr. underscores the need for customer service

President of the Ghana Hotels Association of Ghana, Dr.Edward Ackah Nyamikeh Jnr has intimated that customer service is key to enhancing productivity in the tourism and Hospitality industry.

According to him, every serious-minded organization should prioritize it in order to generate revenue.

The Ghana Hotels Association in collaboration with the Ghana Tourism Authority has launched the second National Customer Service Week in Accra.

The event held at the Coconut Grove Regency Hotel was themed “Enhancing the Customer Service experience through excellence.

Speaking to Pan African News on the sidelines of the event,President of the Ghana Hotels Association of Ghana, Dr.Edward Ackah Nyamike Jnr indicated that, the activity which will be held in October seeks to conscientize industry players in the hospitality industry to embrace the tenets of customer service in their operations.

He further disclosed that, in spite of the economic hardship which has reached nightmarish proportions, the Hospitality industry gained grounds as their business flourished

Meanwhile, he has allayed fear over Monkey pox which has wreaked havoc in parts of the country.

According to him, despite efforts rolled out by the Health Ministry to curb its outbreak, the disease has had no effect on the Hospitality industry.

Story By: Daniel Kwabena Asare




August 15, 2022

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