Global Info analytics Polls are factual and seek to inform delegates’ decision- Mussa Dankwah

The Executive Director of Global Research Info Analytics Mussa Dankwah, has revealed that, his outfit’s recent research report on who is best suited to lead the two main political parties in the country come 2024 is largely based on facts and findings undertaken by his outfit. This comes at the back of some death threats he has allegedly received from some supporters of the leading New Patriotic Party following the release of the report.

Speaking in an interview with Pan African News’s George Yawson Vineh, the policy research analyst disclosed that he has received death threats from some supporters of the New Patriotic Party following the recent research report released by his outfit ahead of the forthcoming 2024 general elections.

He however revealed that this will not in any way compromise the work of his outfit and further added that his company’s report on who will lead the two main opposition parties come 2024 is to assist delegates and potential investors in making informed decisions.

Story by George Yawson vineh

February 5, 2023

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