Global Outcry: Ghana Joins Worldwide Demonstrations Against Israeli Occupation

Accra, Ghana – The vibrant streets of Accra echoed with the powerful voices of Ghanaians, the Palestinian community, political leaders, educational institutions, and various civic organizations, united in a massive demonstration to express their unwavering solidarity with the Palestinian people in their struggle against the prolonged Israeli occupation.

This peaceful protest, jointly organized by the Accra Collective of the Socialist Movement of Ghana and the Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC), aimed to voice their discontent with the Israeli occupation of Palestine for more than 75years, a breach of international law.

Thosands of Ghanaians, brandishing placards and proudly waving the Palestinian flag, gathered in a remarkable show of solidarity with the people of Palestinian people. This collective demonstration was seen as part of the global movement against the genocide being commited in Palestine by the Israeli security force.

The urgency of the protest was exacerbated by recent alarming developments in the occupied Gaza Strip and the West Bank, where the Israeli Defense Forces launched relentless attacks that killed mostly women and children. According to Gaza’s Ministry of Health, at least 9,061 Palestinians have been killed in Israeli attacks on Gaza since October 7, including 3,760 children and 2,326 women. Moreover, over 32,000 Palestinians have been injured, including at least 6,360 children and 4,891 women. These sobering statistics highlight the devastating impact of the conflict.

The demonstrators, driven by deep passion and sorrow, expressed their determination to intensify their calls for justice.

The organizers of the demonstration vehemently condemned the Israeli government’s perpetuation of apartheid and the continuous violations of the  rights of the Palestinian people. Protesters expressed their unwavering solidarity support with the courageous Palestinians currently resisting these injustices and unlawful infringement on their fundamental rights.

In a message of solidarity, Susan Naa Ayele Ardayfio-Sekyere, Head of Public Relations and Campaign at the Trades Union Congress in Ghana, called upon the business community and all Ghanaians to continue showing unwavering support for the people of Palestine. She also decried the inhumane acts committed by the Israeli forces.

“I think that we all have to understand, especially the younger generation, the reason why we are gathered here today. We are here because innocent children, just beginning their lives, are being subjected to senseless violence. This ongoing conflict is not about religion; it is about human suffering and cruelty. We must all stand firmly for Palestine,” she stated.

Comrade Kwesi Pratt Jnr, the General Secretary of the Socialist Movement of Ghana, passionately condemned the genocidal offensive launched by the Israeli forces. He called upon regional players and individuals worldwide to intervene, emphasizing that injustice anywhere in the world must be vehemently resisted.

Furthermore, he emphasized that the actions of the Ghanaian community in expressing their solidarity through this protest underscore a significant divergence from the recent statements of Ghana’s President, Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo.

“One statement that we have made today is clear: our President does not speak for us. We are unequivocally stating that we cannot support an apartheid system, and we cannot endorse the occupation of Palestinian land. It is vital that our national leaders heed the voices of the Ghanaian people; this is our resounding message,” he stated.

The Palestinian solidarity march in Ghana resonates with sentiments expressed in major demonstrations across the globe, from London to New York, Paris to Sydney. People from various corners of the world have taken to the streets to express their solidarity with the Palestinian people and demand an end to the Israeli occupation.

Amidst the growing chorus for justice, the world stands united in its support for the Palestinian cause, while also recognizing the pressing need for a future where peace and freedom can prevail in Palestine.

November 4, 2023

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