GROWING FAT: Volodymyr Zelenskyy is growing so fat….

By Abena Osegu Boateng

Is it difficult to explain why Volodymyr Zelenskyy is growing so fat at a time his recklessness has put
the people of Ukraine in the firing line of Russian heavy weapons?

As buildings in Ukraine collapse, people die and the general state of insecurity mounts, Zelenskyy’s
pot belly keeps expanding and his belligerent rhetoric rings hollow across the waves.
Is Zelenskyy having a good time in the wake of the mass suffering his people are going through?
Of course yes!

He is having the time of his life traveling everywhere and wining and dining with celebrities and dogs
of war whose anti-Russia hysteria he shares.
If Zelenskyy and his NATO controllers had kept their side of the bargain what the Russians call a
special military operation would not have begun and lives and property would have been saved in

Clearly Russia is reacting to the expansion of NATO towards its borders and the eagerness of
Zelenskyy and his comic government to allow the territory of Ukraine to be used in this plainly
useless eastward expansion of the Western military alliance.

There was still a chance to roll back violence and to embrace peace at the beginning of the special
exercise but Zelenskyy urged on by his co-comedian Boris Johnson opted for war in the false belief
that the west was in a position to assist him defeat Russia.

What we see now is nothing less than pure desperation. Zelenskyy is screaming for more weapons
every day and the west continues to announce billions of dollars in military and non-military aid
virtually every day.

From the promise to deliver F-16 fighter jets, the old man Biden’s administration is now assuring
Zelenskyy that his fast depleting armed forces will be provided with cluster bombs; bombs which
have been banned by all civilised nations.

The problem with cluster bombs is that, they don’t discriminate and are designed for mass slaughter.

The US army used them in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq and many other places and they could not
secure victory for Uncle Sam. Indeed, cluster bombs have shown that they cannot be game changers.
Zelenskyy and his friends don’t give a hoot for as long as they can continue to milk the war and
expand their stomachs.

What Zelenskyy has to learn is that he cannot continue to draw his people into the icy hands of
death just to grow his pot belly.

Very soon the people of Ukraine will notice that their President continues to grow fat, as they
continue to die for no worthy cause.

The sensible path for Ukrainians, Russians and the world is peace which guarantees security for all
not the hegemony of the US and its allies.

The expansion of the pot belly of Zelenskyy is not the issue

July 11, 2023

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