June 4 – A Slanted Narrative of No Deep Import

June 4 – A Slanted Narrative of No Deep Import

The historiographic framework of this narrative is of no import to development policy setting as could be informed by the dynamics of the historical process. It is a narrative, which is to say, that is bereft of a focus on any set agenda for socio-economico-political development in the interest of the vast majority of Ghanaians.

It is a pragmatic presentation that serves only to condemn, yes, merely condemn, a process that appeared not to address Elite concerns but which ultimately, in its unfolding, stabilised a capitalist neo-colonial system for continued Elitist rule against the best interests of Ghana and Africa. Such a narrative is a fraud!

June 4, in its attitude towards the neo-colonial capitalist system, had no interest in arresting the logic of that system. It was a limited intra-systemic move to address the bad image of the neo-colonial military forces, which image had, as indicated by Captain Baah Achamfuor in this narrative, embarrassed its personnel.

Described as ‘Ghana’s Reluctant Revolution’ by yours truly in the title of an article in the June 26 1979 edition of the People’s Evening News the true intent of June 4 became manifest with the explosion of December 31 1981 which very well consolidated Ghana as a capitalist neo-colonial State – that is, as we see it today.

History’s judgment on June 4 shall never see it as any part of the revolutionary endeavours to reclaim Ghana’s independence and sovereignty from the claws of Imperialist Capitalist Neo-Colonialism. It shall necessarily see it as the definitive event that paved the way for the work of December 31 to stabilise Neo-Colonialism.

The true African Socialist Revolution that is to evolve from the genuine endeavours of African revolutionary forces to set Ghana and Africa on the Revolutionary Path, as projected by the real architectural brain in the person of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, is yet to well express itself in that gbeyecious manner as would silence the Elite.

We Remain Focused, Determined and Bold!
Forward Ever!
Onward to the African Socialist Revolution!

Lang T. K. A. Nubuor
November 6 2021


November 8, 2021

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