NDC UK and Ireland Chapter Congratulates New UK Prime Minister Keir Starmer and Labour Party on 2024 Election Victory

The NDC National Democratic Congress (NDC) UK and Ireland Chapter extends its heartfelt congratulations to Keir Starmer and the Labour Party on their decisive win in the 2024 UK elections. This momentous victory ushers in a new era of progressive leadership and programmes and represents a major turning point in British politics.

A Resounding Mandate for Change 

The electorate’s thirst for change, honesty, and a commitment to social justice is demonstrated by Keir Starmer’s election as prime minister. His campaign management style showed that he was dedicated to tackling the UK’s most important problems, such as the need for a more inclusive society, economic injustice, and climate change. Millions of people found resonance in the Labour Party’s comprehensive manifesto, which mirrored their hopes for a more just and equal Britain.

A Vision for a Progressive Future 

The NDC UK and Ireland Chapter acknowledge and recognise Keir Starmer’s commitment to values that closely resemble our own values and principles.

It is praiseworthy that he places such a strong focus on social fairness, unity, and international cooperation. We find great inspiration in his dedication to forging closer relationships with foreign allies such as Socialist International and encouraging cooperation in addressing global issues.

Strengthening UK-Ghana Relations 

Under the leadership of Prime Minister Starmer, we, as a chapter of the NDC, a well-known political party in Ghana, look forward to the continuous enhancement of the bilateral relationship between the UK and Ghana. We think that his administration would put Ghana’s trade and diplomatic ties first, fostering both countries’ development and progress. A long history of friendship and cooperation exists between the UK and Ghana, and this new phase in UK politics offers a chance to strengthen those ties even more.

A Message of Solidarity 

The NDC UK and Ireland Chapter stands in solidarity with the Labour Party, and the people of the UK set out on this new journey. 

We have faith that Keir Starmer, the prime minister, will govern with honesty, kindness, and a firm dedication to the welfare of all people. His achievement is a triumph for democratic principles and the strength of group effort in addition to one for the Labour Party.

Looking Ahead 

The NDC UK and Ireland Chapter reiterates its commitment to advocate for Ghanaians’ interests in the UK and fostering strong, cooperative partnerships between our countries as we mark this historic event. As we collaborate to address common issues, positive and fruitful engagements with the new UK government, working together to address shared challenges and seize opportunities for mutual benefit.

Once again, congratulations to Prime Minister Keir and the Labour Party. We hope they have great success in creating a more promising and inclusive future for the UK.

About the NDC UK and Ireland Chapter 

The National Democratic Congress UK and Ireland Chapter is a dynamic and active branch of the NDC dedicated to representing and supporting Ghanaians in the UK and Ireland.

Our mission is to advance democratic, social justice, and development-oriented ideals in Ghana, our motherland, as well as in our local communities. We work to improve the lives of Ghanaians living abroad and add to the global conversation on progressive governance via advocacy, community involvement, and international collaboration.

By: Owusu Achiaw – NDC UK and Ireland Chapter Communication Officer

July 8, 2024

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