Nigerians Outraged By New Hike In Fuel Pump Price.

In a recent development by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), fuel pump price has been increased from N537 to an astonishing N617 per litre. This decision has sparked widespread discontent among Nigerians, who have already been burdened with a myriad of economic challenges.

Chidi, a frustrated Lagos resident, said: “This fuel pump price increase is outrageous! It’s just another blow to our already burdened lives. How are we supposed to survive amidst increasing prices for basic necessities?”

“What kind of country punishes its citizens continually? This is more than just a temporal pain; it’s a permanent burden that keeps getting heavier!” – Funmilayo, a dismayed civil servant in Abuja.

For Umar, a disheartened driver in Kano, “The government seems to enjoy tormenting us. How can they expect us to pay such exorbitant prices for fuel when many Nigerians earn meager wages?”

An angry market trader in Enugu, Ifeoma expressed amazement, as she stated that the price increase will exacerbate the suffering of Nigerians: “I am constantly amazed at the audacity of our leaders! They are disconnected from the daily struggles of the average Nigerian. This price increase only exacerbates our suffering!”

“Nigeria, my beloved country, has become a nightmare. It feels like everything is working against us. Why should we bear the brunt of every economic downturn?” Ahmed, a university student in Sokoto.

However, Zainab, a business owner in Port Harcourt, thought differently. While recognizing the increase is painful, she said it’s a temporary setback, as stability will return eventually:

“Well, while this may be painful, I believe it’s only a temporary setback. We’ve faced difficult times in the past, and we’ve always found a way to adapt and overcome. I trust that things will eventually stabilize.”

The voices of these Nigerians highlight the resentment and frustration felt by citizens faced with yet another increase in fuel pump price. The burden of this hike further amplifies the economic challenges, leaving many livid with anger, while questioning the fairness of the increase.

July 19, 2023

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