By Stanley Kwabla Arku

Residents of Awoshie Buzanga line in Accra are living in constant fear and distress as the poor drainage system in the area continues to pose a threat to their lives and properties. With each passing rain, significant erosion has caused houses to collapse and others on the verge, leaving the community in a state of emergency.

The deteriorating drainage system has become a nightmare for inhabitants of Awoshie Buzanga line. During a downpour, the lack of proper drainage infrastructure leads to severe flooding, causing significant erosion and damage to houses and properties. The consequences have been devastating, with lives lost and families displaced.

The erosion has not only affected houses but also caused significant damage to footbridges, cutting off many residents from their homes. Inhabitants are now forced to navigate through the dangerous and overflowing drainage system to access their houses, putting their lives at risk.

The dire situation has left the community in urgent need of assistance from the local authorities. The residents are pleading with the government to address the poor drainage system and provide immediate relief for those affected. They are calling for the construction of proper drainage infrastructure that can withstand heavy rains and prevent erosion.

The lack of action in addressing the drainage issue has sparked frustration among the residents. Many feel neglected and abandoned by the authorities, as their repeated pleas for help have fallen on deaf ears. The situation has also led to a loss of trust in the local government’s ability to protect its citizens and provide basic infrastructure.

The impact of the poor drainage system goes beyond the immediate danger to lives and properties. It has also disrupted the daily lives of the community, making it difficult for residents to carry out their day-to-day activities. The cut-off footbridges have forced people to take longer routes or risk their safety by walking through the hazardous drainage system.

As the rainy season continues, the urgency to address the drainage system in Awoshie Buzanga line Constituency cannot be overstated. The local authorities must take immediate action to prevent further loss of lives and properties. It is essential to invest in a robust and sustainable drainage system that can withstand heavy rains and mitigate the risks of erosion and flooding.
The residents of Awoshie Buzanga line Constituency are hopeful that their cries for help will be heard and that the necessary steps will be taken to rectify the poor drainage system. They deserve a safe and secure living environment, free from the constant threat of flooding and erosion.

September 28, 2023

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