Boffourkrom SDA JHS has been saddled with infrastructure challenges hampering effective teaching and learning, leading to poor performance

Among these challenges are lack of adequate classrooms, unavailability of classroom desks, absence of ICT Laboratory, toilet facilities and staff common room.

Teachers have been compelled to use tree shades as their staff common room

Speaking to Pan African News, some pupils of the school expressed frustration about the situation and further called for an immediate help.

Mary Appiah one of the pupils told Pan African News ” we are left behind. we don’t have a computer lab . We don’t even know how to use computers. Other schools are ahead of us”

The assemblyman of boffourkrom electoral area, Daniel Awafo disclosed that government has constructed a new toilet facility for the school.

However, students and teachers cannot access the facility because the construction of work has not been completed.

He also told pan African new that one of the classroom blocks at the school has been neglected for over a year now after it’s roof has been riffed off by a storm.

According to them, attempts by parents teachers association to rehabilitate the structure has  failed.

He is therefore urging government to put measures in places to curb the situation.

August 7, 2022

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