Reconsider ban on old electric appliances imports-dealers.

At a press conference here in Accra today, Concern Second Hand Dealers Association of Ghana has called on the Energy Commission to reconsider its intention to ban the importation of secondhand electrical appliances into the country. According to them, their activities were not posing any threat to the country as stated by the commission but rather creates jobs for thousands of Ghanaians.

The Energy Commission last year hinted that that it would soon embark on an exercise to tackle the importation of secondhand electrical appliances, also known as home used products, as the country was gradually becoming a dumping site for electric waste. This a group called Concern Second Hand Dealers Association of Ghana disagrees with hence calling on the commission to revert to that decision.

President of the Ghana Union of Traders Association, Joseph Obeng speaking to the media called on government to have a stakeholders meeting to conclude since its last meeting ended up inconclusively and asked parliament not to approve the laid bill to ban secondhand goods.

The group to strengthen its protest, closed all shops in the Lapaz enclave.

The said regulation is to ban, air conditioners, comfort fan, computer, and electric kettle among others.

story by George Yawson Vineh.

February 3, 2023

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