Residents in Sagnarigu Municipality demand improved roads

Residents who ply the Gurugu-Jisonayili road in the Sagnarigu Municipality of the Northern Region have lamented bitterly over the deplorable state of their road.

Bad road network is one of the challenges most communities are facing in the country. However, the Gurugu- Jisonayili road located in the Sagnarigu Municipality of the Northern region is not an exception.

For about two decades now, residents are unable to ply the road during rainy seasons due to its deplorable nature.

Even though some citizens in the Municipality have made attempts to put the road in good shape, their efforts have proved futile.

Some users of the road who spoke to Pan African News and has pointed the challenges they face when plying the road due to its deplorable nature and seeking urgent help from government to improve road network in the vicinity to facilitate transportation in order to make life comfortable for them.

Story by Abdul Majeed Braimah







September 2, 2022

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