Residents of Nkpaya appeal to government for better facilities

Residents of Nkpaya, a community in the Nkwanta South Constituency of the Oti Region are crying for government’s support in the construction and development of educational facilities in the community.

According to residents, pupils still study in the mud and dusty dilapidated structures even after government took over the school 59 years ago.

Nkpaya is a farming community in the Nkwanta South district in the Oti Region. The community is known for the production of cocoa, cassava, plantain and other cash crops.

According to residents, the only school in the community was established in 1960, but was taken over by government in 1963. The takeover gave the community a sigh of relief as they anticipated a speedy development in educational infrastructure which will enhance the standard of education in the community.

After fifty-nine years of the takeover, residents of Nkpaya are perplexed to still see the dilapidated school structures untouched; a situation that compels community members to still have their wards educated in the old mud and dusty structures.

Nana Samuel Kakotse, head of the community has expressed worry over the situation and called on government for support.

‘its time will also benefit in good infrastructure in our school and am calling on government to come to our aid’ he said.

Speaking to Pan African News, Esther Kakotse also pleaded with the government to intervene and build new classroom blocks to replace the mud structures whiles John Degboe, Unit Committee Chairman for the area said there has been countless promises from the politicians but nothing has been done. He explained that, teachers feel uncomfortable teaching the children.

The community is highly expectant of their Parliamentary representative, Hon. Geoffrey Kini, the Member of Parliament for Nkwanta South constituency to channel their grievances to the president.

Story by Samali Abdul Razzaq.

February 4, 2022

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