Water Problem Hit The People of Obanda

Obanda is a farming community located in the Oti Region under Nkwanta south constituency.

The people at Obanda are serious cocoa, plantain, cassava and cocoyam farmers,

But they are serious facing water challenges in the Obanda community.

The Chief of Obanda Nana Akurabadu II said the politicians have turned their back to them the only source of water that they have now is the stream that they need to travel far before getting water from all the bole holes in the community are not working again and students and teachers find it very difficult to go to school.

He also added that the school builds are not enough for the students and they need more school building blocks.

According to him lighting system of the town is very bad and due to that the mechanized bole hole are also not working

Ofori Elizabeth also said where to even get portable water to drink is very difficult for them.

And they pleading the government and philanthropies to come to the aid.

She also said the economic situation is making people not to even buy what they sell.

Story by Samali Abdul-Razak.


August 12, 2022

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