Yaa Naa Yakubu Andani Abdulai Applauds B-Heck Africa NGOs Alliance for The RoCHA Ghana – Social Change Initiative.

The Crown Prince and the architect of peace in Dagbon, Yoo Naa Yakubu Andani Abdulai, son of the late Yaa Naa, whose assassination erupted the historic unrest in Dagbon for many years, today applauded the enactment of RoCHA Celebration expose amidst affirming his participation to be celebrated.

Speaking to the B-Heck Africa Alliance Head, Mr. Kaphui Tamakloe Jnr. regarding the novelty, Yoo Naa Andani expressed his excitement for the recognition while recounting his role as the initiator of the establishment of the present-day Teacher Training and Nursing Training colleges in Yendi, and how it has become the beacon career development space for the youth in the area and across the nation.

The noble traditional ruler shared his disagreement on the process of governance where the government initiates projects for communities without first seeking the input of the beneficiaries which has led to many projects being under utilized. He also shared his displeasure at the meager common fund allocation to the north, saying it’s the reason why many MMDCEs seemed not to be performing because there’s not enough funds to enable them undertake certain relevant projects.

He finally commended B-HeCK Africa for the laudable initiative saying,” such an initiative will serve as an independent and dynamic check and balance system to keep the traditional rulers on alert regarding their civic responsibilities, and also grant them quality orientation and support to identify funding potentials in their localities to embark on relevant developmental initiatives that would appeal to their people and serve them significantly, since they are close to the people and understand them even better.

Yoo Naa however added that, completion of projects initiated under such a module will be more reliable; in a sense that once a project was started, anyone at all can support to continue till finish irrespective of political affiliation or a change in government, since that has been the major challenge with government led projects, thus; whenever a sitting government initiates a project, it is cancelled or otherwise halted the moment that government loses power.

Yoo Naa Yakubu Andani said he is very elated about the fact that traditional rulers can also have the opportunity to initiate very pertinent projects for their people and community’s wellbeing not only when the central government sees the need for it.

Story by George Yawson Vineh.

November 6, 2021

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