National Cathedral Project: There is no fishy deal on monetary issues – Kumasi Christian Council

The Kumasi council of Christian churches has reaffirmed their commitment to the building of National cathedral saying there is no fishy deal on monetary issues.

The council made up of churches and Parachurches Organization made this known at Press briefing to state their stance regarding the issues surrounding the building of the national cathedral.

The president Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo in his campaign message declared his intention to build a national cathedral for God.

The project has suffered stiff opposition from opposition party, hindering it development.

The Council briefing the media, the chairman of the Council Archbishop Yinkah Sarfo Kantanka stated that the cathedral has the Potential of drawing the word to Ghana to experience God and spirituality.

The cathedral, he said with Museum and biblical Gardens can represent the physical symbol of the shift of the centre of Christianity.

He noted the turmoil surrounding the national cathedral from its narure and legality saying, there is nothing fishy about the monetary affairs, since the trustees cant betray the nation.

Story by Isaac Okyere, reporting – Kumasi












August 15, 2022

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