Okada Riders rejects ‘Politically-Motivated Government mini cars

Public Relations Officer for the Okada Riders Association of Ghana, Evans Wadja has opined that his outfit will never accept mini-cars imported by the government under the Coastal Development Authority initiative to replace their motor bikes.

According to him, the initiative conceived is solely for political expediency which will not augur well with their operations.

The Launch of the CODA Drive, an initiative by the Coastal Development Authority to replace motorbikes with cost-effective cars while keeping the riders safe on the roads currently has two hundred cars available to be distributed.

The first batch of beneficiaries will pay GHC25, 000 for the cars and be expected to pay up GHs41 only each day to defray the cost.

The Coastal Development Zone is also looking at using the mini-cars to help phase out the use of motorcycles for commercial purposes within the major city centers, a business known in local parlance as ‘Okada’

The Coastal Development Zone comprises the Oti, Volta, Greater Accra, Central, Western North Regions.


In an interview with Pan African News on the said issue, Public Relations Officer for the Okada Association of Ghana Evans Wadja stated emphatically that this mini-cars imported by government is a good for nothing initiative since it will compound Ghana’s traffic challenges.

Story by: Kwabena Asare Daniel


October 28, 2021

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