Victims share experiences on Mobile Money Fraud they fell prey to

Cyber-crime is any criminal activity that involves a computer networked device or a network.

Mobile Money Fraud is currently one of the proliferating cyber-crime activities in the country.

Recently, unsuspecting individuals have been falling prey to Mobile Money Fraudsters which has caused them huge lost. This mostly happens as a result of low awareness on cybercrime activities.

As a means of creating awareness, our news team engaged some victims to share the general public their experiences on how they were duped by mobile money fraudsters.

The Cyber-Security Authority recently held a meeting with the Ghana journalist Association to work collaboratively fight the spread of Cyber-crime in the country.

With the aim of creating awareness, some victims of cyber-crime have shared their experiences on how they were duped by mobile money fraudsters.

Others also shared how they were able to save themselves from the traps of Mobile Money fraudsters.

Incase you have not yet experienced these fraudulent activities, kindly be guided by this awareness report on cyber-crime and educate others as well. To the unsuspecting individuals who unfortunately fell prey to these fraudsters, kindly share your experiences with others for them to be vigilant, so we can collectively fight cyber-crime in the country.

Story by Sekyi Jeremiah Hayford.



October 28, 2021

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