The Minister of the Sanitation and Water Resources has continuously pushed the presidents fishing of making Ghana clean and healthy to develop a healthy nation

The sector Minister, Cecilia Abena Dapaah asserted that, since the president launched the national sanitation campaign in 2017 a lot of interventions have been made including supporting the private sector in waste management and equipping the regional and district assemblies with funds in cleaning some major areas in the country.

She made this comment at a ceremony here in Accra to launch some five hundred waste management trucks which government supported the giant waste management company Zoomlion Ghana to purchase.

Meanwhile, Member of Parliament for the Anyaa Sowutuom constituency also spoke at the ceremony concerning sanitation and the making Accra clean project.

According to him the appointment committee in parliament is working immensely to educate more people about the need in drinking clean water and having a clean environment.

He also stated that laws are being enforced but the difficulty is the implementation as it involves stakeholders, he further went ahead to applaud the regional minister, Hon. Henry Quartey for his excellent performance in improving the situation of sanitation in the Greater Accra region.

June 14, 2021

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